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Let me introduce you to Anette and Susanne.

Anette and Susanne Bastviken are the sisters behind Radical Broccoli. Their vision is to make it trendy and easy for the everyday modern person to be environmentally friendly and feel amazing. They truly believe that what is good for us, is also good for the planet. On their blog you can read about everything from eco-friendly traveling and second-hand clothes, to delicious plant-based food and hardcore facts about plastic and recycling. They are authors of the best selling book “Jordnært - Enkle tips til en mer miljøvennlig hverdag”. And now they have just launched as co-founders, a brand of flip flop made fair trade and with natural coloring (no chemicals), SLEEPERS . They also have been front figures in the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) campaign on animal extinction! these two sisters are really inspiring!



Hello beauties, first of all we would love to know your background and how it has led you to become eco lifestyle influencers, writers and business women?

Hi lovelies! 

We have quite different backgrounds professionally, Anette studied War Studies and used to work in the Norwegian military. Susanne studied Economics & Finance and worked for UNDP. A couple of years ago we both felt burned out and that we were taking our lives in a direction that did not make us happy at all. We followed our brains, what we “should” do, and not our heart. When we started to tap into what really mattered in life, new ideas came flowing in and so Radical Broccoli was born.



You are a business partner, author and sister - how hard is it to find the balance between business and “sisterhood”? 

This is such a good question. We really love spending time together, and we are very close. The past two years we struggled with finding that balance, and it caused some conflict between us. We got help from an amazing business coach who helped us find the balance more between work and personal life, and also how we could step more into our individual selves. We have found that honesty, communication and prioritising also having fun together are important keys to make this little teamwork. We feel very lucky to have each other, and to be able to work with someone we trust completely.


How did you decide you wanted to educate people about making more conscious choices? 

When we started Radical Broccoli, we found that the tone around eco-friendly lifestyle was a bit strict and restricted. We want to share how fun and abundant this lifestyle actually can be, and how amazing it feels to take care of ourselves, and the planet. Being with animals, be it pigs, dogs, ships or horses, always makes us remember why we want to do this. 

Anette, You’ve just recently fallen for surfing. How did you find this new passion?

Yes, I actually tried it for the first time many years ago in Portugal (where our dad is from) and I though it was a bit tough in the big Portuguese waves. Susanne was doing an exchange in Brazil in 2016 and when I visited her, I tried surfing again and I was hooked. Being on the board out in the water is just the biggest luxury for me.

Susanne, you love all things related to water or photography. Did you ever take some underwater shots?

Some you’d love to share with us?

I do love everything related to the ocean, but I have diving and underwater photography yet to come in my life. I have spent more time by and on the waves, I guess! Looking forward to exploring more.

You just launched your brand SLEEPERS, eco friendly, fair trade flip flops.

Where did the inspiration for this project come from?

Yes, Sleepers launched two weeks ago and we are already pretty much sold out! We have wanted to create something of value outside of the digital world, and Nina, Frode and Tor Marius (our partners) contacted us wanting to know if we would like to build Sleepers with them. Nina is an amazing designer and we have so much fun working together. This year we only launched in Norway, but next year we might go international so stay tuned!


Now if you had a superpower, what would it be?

That’s a tough question!

Anette: teleportation – going from one place to another without any airplanes! 

Susanne: Breathing under water would be pretty cool. Or flying!



What is your favourite food for breakfast?

It depends, some days it’s a big smoothie bowl with lots of toppings like kiwi, cacao nibs, tahini and dates. Other days its more savory – for example bread with avocado and sprouts or a creamy porridge with peanut butter and blueberries. The most important is that its filling, nourishing, and that it feels good to eat!  

As an influencer, what is the most beautiful story you’ve heard from one of your followers? 

We have really amazing followers and we feel too lucky that they are so interactive and really share stories from their lives every day. We love to hear when they have taken a big leap in their lives and followed their dreams and felt inspired to do so. We also love to hear when people are taking steps to treat their body better, be kinder to themselves, eat better and just generally become more conscious. Many of them share huge life changes for them, like going vegan or changing their job, and we just love connecting like that!


What is the best advice for a "happy life" you can give us?

Start to go inwards. Get to know yourself on a deeper level, see where and how you can be kinder to yourself. As two perfectionists and previous work-a-holics we have learned that relaxing and taking time is actually the best and most productive thing to do sometimes. Meditation and still time can give you profound wisdom of your lives and what you actually want to do. 

What is your favourite beauty ritual?

Ice-swimming, or just jumping in the ocean generally! Hihi, it’s really easy in Norway where the ocean is cold most of the year.

Generally jumping in the ocean always makes us feel like new and fresh people!

If you had to follow one mantra, what would it be?

I am enough. 

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