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Let me introduce you to Nicola Jane.

Women empower women!

Meet the talented Australian illustrator Nicola Jane @nicolajanecreative, the creative head behind our wild spirited Wisdom Cares Woman.

After two years of working full time in marketing she found her passion in illustrating her favourite beauty brands and fashion influencers.

This hobby quickly turned into a full time job, and now she is working with some incredible female start ups as well as some of her favourite beauty and fashion brands.



When and how did you start to illustrate, what are your inspirations?

I started illustrating as a hobby in 2018 as I needed a creative outlet outside of my full time job and I always had a love for fashion illustration, so decided to give it a try. I find inspiration in anything I feel is beautiful. It can be an image, a movie, a flower, a strong woman, clothing etc. This is why I get so much inspiration from Instagram, it is a world of beautiful aesthetics that really inspires me.



What are your top five favourite songs you are listening to whilst working? 

I don't know about particular songs but I listen to the same artists most days :

Banks, Frank Ocean, King Princess, Fleetwood Mac and Maggie Rogers are some of my favourites.

What is your daily mantra?

Be kind to yourself.

I really struggle with being hard on myself and never thinking I/my work is good enough, so I am trying to remind myself

everyday to speak to myself as I would speak to others.

What's a topic you could spend hours and hours talking about?

Whatever book I'm reading at the time, or TV series I am watching.

I get so immersed in content that when it's over I could just spend hours discussing it and hearing other people's interpretation and opinions on it.

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As we are a wild beauty brand made by nature, we would like to know what you say is your spirit animal?

I would say my spirit animal is a deer, I am quite sensitive and am very balanced between being confident and gentle.


If you could spend the day with ONE WOMAN in the world, who would that be?

I would love to spend the day with Amanda Shadforth, creator of Oracle Fox blog.

I think she is so talented and would love an insight into her beautifully creative mind.



What is your worst skin care habit?

Squeezing pimples! Every time I get one I know I shouldn't touch it but I just can't help myself.

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If we had 24 hours to spend anywhere in Australia, where should we go and what should we do?  

Australia is so big that I actually haven't travelled much outside of my state. If you were to come to my hometown Brisbane, you should stay at the beautiful Calile Hotel, eat drink and shop along James Street, and go for a cocktail on Howard Smith Wharves. If you want to visit somewhere coastal I would recommend Byron Bay or Cabarita Beach in NSW, both are beautiful little towns with sandy beaches and an abundance of delicious cafes.


What do you look for in a brand when you agree to work with them?

I always make sure that their brand ethos aligns with mine. I mostly work with beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands as this is where I thrive, however I definitely work with brands outside of these categories if they have a brand story I am drawn to, or an ethos that aligns with mine. I am fortunate that I am at a stage where I can afford to say no to brands that aren't a good fit.

We love your work. Your illustrations are really feminine. As a woman entrepreneur, what will be the best advice you can give to other women?

Trust your gut and be guided by your instincts and feelings.

If you ruled the world for one day, what universal law would you put in place?


That everyone be treated equal and with kindness, no matter your race, gender, age etc. We are all the same.

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