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" Thank you Chloe for thinking about me and giving me the space to share with you a little bit more about my journey to hopefully inspire other women."



First of all, thanks so much for inspiring us and for being such an adventurous and courageous soul. Can you tell us what is your main job that allows you this freedom and how did you get there?

I’m constantly multi tasking! lol

Well, I have always worked on marketing and communication, almost 3 years ago I quit my 9-5 job and and together with Ric, my partner, we started working as creative consultants, creating & producing marketing strategies and communication campaigns for companies. A year ago we created a jewellery brand that started out as a little passion project just for us, seeing that many people liked the concept and the designs we decided to launch a first collection, one year after it has become a big project with an outstanding growth trajectory, as well as my main job.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

This is a hard one. I admire so many things. I never want to stop admiring, its one of the most beautiful feelings one can have. In general terms I admire people with a clear vision that fight for their ideas, no matter what. If I had to name someone would probably be Greta Thunberg, I see her as a messenger, a wake up call to young generations, to start being conscious about our massive impact on our planet and inspiring a needed change.

Welcome to 2021, we’ve all learned a lot on the past year! Any exciting Project for 2021?

Bring my parents and brother to Bali, spend more quality time together. On a business level continue growing Rawile, develop a sustainable fashion line, keep contributing to beautiful restoration projects through our growth, continue creating inspiring stories through film, and hopefully, a trip through Asia.


Your skin is beautiful! Any beauty secret tips you can share with us?

I think the most important thing is to have a good diet and control your internal balance and your stress levels.

In my case, the latter is what usually causes episodes of acne or imbalances in my skin.

Also, (and this I discovered too late I think), it has helped me a lot to comply with a facial routine

every day and night I use soap, toner, serum and moisturiser.

Since doing this I have noticed my skin much more hydrated and luminous. In the morning I put a cotton ball soaked in cold water on my eyes and meditate for a few minutes, it works to deflate my face.

 What is your self care routine?

I like once a week to find a quiet little time to put on a facial mask and then massage myself with a rich oil and my jade roller. I usually accompany him with a candle, Armenian paper and music that makes me feel good. I also love a body scrub + hydration once in a while.


Why did you choose Bali as your home base? 

I chose Bali because I feel and I am free here. I love the culture, the climate and being surrounded by nature. I find many likeminded people here, and all this variables enable us to create everything we set our minds into. 

Do you feel like living in Bali gives you a “leg up” in sustainability and conscious travel?

I believe there is a bigger conscience about sustainability in Bali because there is many people that care and try to foster change. It is also easier to be conscious on our impact on nature as the island is very polluted, there is trash and plastic everywhere. Like in cities is so hectic that you don’t have space in your mind to think about pollution and as you don’t necessarily see the waste you generate, you forget about it. So yes, Bali has opened my eyes to my habits and what I had to improve to be a more respectful and conscious person. 

In your opinion, what is the secret to make a relationship works while living and working together, as you do with your partner Ric?

Well, I am no love guru, really! My relationship is not perfect, I don’t think no one really is. Me and Ric have many big shared passions and we figure out how to complement each other in our projects. That way we can both have an active role on the project overall yet maintain our own responsibilities and duties. Communication is so key, talk everything out even when that’s not the most appealing thing to do, it will make it work.

What do you love the most about your jewellery brand RAWILE?

Rawile is a reflection of our passions, our dreams & our inner child. It is the essence of me and Ric and everything that inspires us. I love everything about this little project, I like that is raw, wild and free and I am amazed to find so much inspiring people loving it as well. 

What keeps you going chasing your dreams? And when in self-doubt, what do you do?

What doesn’t? Why not? I just don’t want to ever regret living a life I don’t love. I have been there and That is something I owe to myself and I am decided not to ever give up. Dreams are so important, they keep us alive.

We can definitely say that you are a WILD, MAGIC AND FREE soul,

what would be your ANIMAL SPIRIT and why?

I don’t know much about spirit animals, I have always felt deeply attracted to dolphins, I just think they are magical and admire their agility and freedom. One of my dreams is to dive with a big group of wild dolphins, hopefully I’ll fulfill it soon.

Life Motto?

“Everything you set your mind to, you can achieve”

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