The Interview


Let me introduce you to Amanda Djerf.

A natural Swedish beauty and inspirational goddess.

She started surfing when she was a teenager and her family moved to California.

Surfing is now her passion and her lifestyle.

She incredibly managed to be a law student and work as a surf teacher on the best waves destinations.

"I get to work on the ocean, my favourite place, and I also get to spread my love for surfing and the ocean to others."

She spends months teaching, surfing or both, in amazing places like Costa Rica, California, Panama,

Spain, Portugal and Australia.

She kindly answered our questions, just for you.



What is your Life Motto?

To always be kind to others, and to look at things from the bright side. I feel like everything always ends up the way

it's supposed to so I try to remind myself to take things more easily. 



How did your passion for surfing start? 

It started when I was a teenager and my family moved to California.

But it wasn't until I was around 19 and moved to Australia that I really got into it. 


You are also a law student, how do you manage to combine this with travels and surf life? 

It has definitely been challenging at times. But I'm good at planning and keeping focused. So my tip to anyone wanting to travel while studying is to stay motivated. It's important to find a good balance and now that I'm nearly done I'm so happy I managed! 

Which woman are you most inspired by in the surf industry?

Leah Dawson. She has an incredible style, is so inspiring and does a lot for the community.

You are a surf instructor for the LADYSLIDE surf camp, tell us about the experience with the other women.

I created ladyslide because so many girls wrote to me on instagram saying they wanted to learn how to surf, but had no one to do it with.

So I wanted to create that space where women and girls from everywhere could meet up  to surf and get to know each other.

Ladyslide will always have a special place in my heart, and I'm so happy to have so many surfsisters now! 


As you`re always traveling, what is your basic skin care routine that you always bring with you?

A good facial wash, facial oil and waterproof sun screen! simple as that! 



Which person you don’t know personally, (alive or dead) would you sit and have a coffee with?

Omg this is such a good (and hard) question. Maybe Dolly Parton, she seems like so much fun haha.

I will probably regret this answer in five minutes though. 

How do you keep your skin and hair healthy when in the sun and sea all day? 

I love the feeling of saltwater in my hair so although I probably should I usually don’t even bother rinsing it off, but I love using a nice hair oil. For my skin I'm very particular about keeping it hydrated. Facial oil works best for me! 


Is there one wave / surf spot that you can’t get out of your head?

A friend of mine took me to a secret spot in Costa Rica. It was in the middle of the jungle miles away from everything else.

I just felt so close to nature! and there's nothing better than sharing a good wave with only your friends, so playful! 

We hear that you love walking barefoot in the jungle of Costa Rica, what will be your wild spirit animal? 

Hmmm. Ok so I love the ocean more than anything. I'm super restless as a person, have lots of energy.

Also love to cuddle and to be surrounded by others. So what would that make me? Nemo? haha.

What is the most positive thing that quarantine has taught you?

To slow down and live in the moment. For the last 10 years or so I've always had a surf trip to look forward to. 

These last months I've had to just live in the moment and appreciate my everyday life here in Sweden.

At first it was a struggle, but what a luxury problem right?

Right now I feel so fortunate to have my base in Stockholm and I'm currently loving the Swedish summer. 

If you could rule the world, what would you change?

Free healthcare and education for all! 

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