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Let me introduce you to Aina.

During February this year I was in Bali working with our formulator on new products. I went there for one and a half months and left my two rescue dogs at home. So I looked for some voluntary work during my spare time with a dog rescue association and it’s when I met Aina. She is the founder of HOPEFORBALIDOGS, they rescue street dogs and give them medication, training and opportunity for adoption. Some of you will have followed our adventure with these cuties on instagram. Yeah! That’s the hard part of travelling for me! And then I think for me, animals and nature play a big part in my happiness, like being around my dogs, or going to the beach, or for a hike. We kind of ignore the beauty of the world, but when you’re travelling or looking into the eyes of these little creatures, there’s something about the unconditional love and beauty of it.

Was really nice to meet Aina and by coincidence she is actually from Barcelona, and moved to Bali.

While most of her free time is dedicated to HOPEFORBALIDOGS, her job and vocation is a HOLISTIC COACH. She is literally a giver! We couldn’t miss the occasion to interview this amazing and generous soul.



As a holistic coach, do you think that the way each person lives their personal and professional lives

has a direct impact on their well-being?

Of course! It is all closely related. If you do not feel good about your personal or professional life, it will affect your health, because your body always reflects how you feel. The body shows us emotional conflicts with pain or illness that we have to attend to. For this reason, when we talk about health we have to contemplate it in a much broader way at all levels, not only physical, but also mental, emotional and even spiritual. We are not completely healthy if we do not consider all of them. Also when we attend to all this we will make better choices in our personal and professional lives.


Why do you think it`s important to do holistic coaching? 

Because we are not just a body, but much more. Through holistic advising I go deeper, I can work on their integral improvement through nutrition, active life, self-knowledge, self-esteem, emotional management and personal development.

 Contemplating ourselves holistically at these four levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) we will achieve greater progress in all aspects, aesthetic, health and well-being. Because how we are on the inside is what we reflect on the outside. Everything is closely related.

 I like to see women in a more holistic and comprehensive way and not just as a body. We are body, mind and soul, therefore we must take into account all that set. I have learned through years of studying and training plus my own personal experience and working with my clients, that everything influences, hormones, stress, rest, stomach health, emotions, mind, as I said everything is so related.


How did you decide to live in Bali and become a holistic coach? Something related with the Balinese culture?

Well,I didn't become a holistic coach overnight, it was a process. I studied personal training and nutrition, among other things. I worked in gyms as a personal trainer and later opened my own sports supplement store where I was doing fitness advising for women. I was bikini fitness competitor for two years so you can see that my approach at the beginning was much more superficial only focusing in how the body looks like. But little by little and as I evolved personally, my profession was changing with me. So I went from pure fitness to a more holistic and wellness approach.

 I came to Bali because I experienced an existential crisis at the age of 29, I felt lost, I didn't know who I really was, I felt an emptiness despite having “everything”. One day I left my fitness business, my partner, my recently bought house and heard the call of my soul and the call of Bali. It was there when my change from fitness coach to holistic coach began and all my personal and spiritual development started. That was almost 3 years ago.

 Once in Bali, I fulfilled my dream of helping animals, especially dogs, by opening my own organisation hopeforbalidogs.

How do you balance work, hopeforbalidogs and personal life?

It is not easy at all, in fact I keep learning and try to manage the work in both areas. I spend a lot of time with hopeforbalidogs sometimes even too much. I'm still trying to find a healthy balance.  Saving dogs comes with a lot of physical and emotional stress and it was a big challenge to find a way to manage everything without losing my well-being. Since I started I have improved a lot delegating the work to other people and now I have a small team that helps me, and I cope much better with the stress and emotions of this hard work, and I am increasingly happy and fulfilled. I learnt how to prioritise me and still save lives, because without having myself first it’s impossible to help others.

On a vegan diet and as a defender of animals, what brought you on this path?

That was also a process that took place while I was becoming more conscious and developing spiritually. Every time I understood and felt more the concept that we are all one and little by little my body was rejecting everything that came from the animal. My ex-boyfriend was also a great inspiration for it, he was vegan activist in that time and he helped me to see what I ignored for so many years, all the pain that was behind what is in our plate.

What are your self-care rituals?

My beauty rituals are very simple. I lead a healthy  and active life, plant-based nutrition, I practice yoga, strength training and dance.

I meditate and work internally. I use natural products, I only use makeup sometimes and I always clean my face well every night with a good moisturiser. For my hair I use coconut oil to hydrate it and also natural products to wash it.


Where did you find your confidence? What’s your advice to people still searching for confidence?

Self-confidence comes from within. I learned to love my body as the sacred temple that it is, as the vehicle that transports my soul through this dimension and to honor it for allowing me to be alive on earth. I learned to control my thoughts so as not to tell me ugly things and to believe them. I made my past wounds aware and healed them (I'm still at it) to be a more mentally healthy adult. I take care of my health and body and that makes me feel more secure and better about myself.

My advice is that they look within, that they see themselves for what they are, unique women with a mission that is to love and respect themselves above all else because only then they will attract love and respect to their lives. And we have come here to enjoy and not to suffer! Life passes too fast.

Something that helps a lot is positive affirmations. Repeat them hundreds of times until you convince your subconscious that it is. For example, "I am capable", "I am valuable", "I am important", "I am unique" etc repeat them as a mantra daily.



Which women in real life inspire you? 

It inspires me and I have been compared to Mother Teresa of Calcutta! She helped those who needed it most, sometimes her mission was simply to dignify the death of people and I feel that way when I rescue dogs, I pick up those who need it most even though sometimes there is little hope of life, I don't look the other way, I pick them up even if it is to give them a more dignified way out of this life.

Also Jada Pinket inspires me a lot! What a woman! And I cpul say much more names as Oprah, Angelina jolie etc  there are lots of powerful woman!

If you could give three tips for happiness, what would they be?

1. Remind yourself that you are in this world only for a few years and that you better enjoy them.

2. Focus on the present, it is the only real thing.

3. Trust in life, universe, god or whatever , you always know what you need to evolve, everything is perfect.


Living on a spiritual island, have you found your wild spirit animal?

To be honest, I hadn't thought about it until now. I don't know what my spirit animal is. But if I have to say which animal represents my soul better I would say that the black panther. I have always loved that animal, since I was a child. Elegant, majestic, powerful…

So I've looked for the meaning and it's something like:

The panther spirit animal is powerful and protective. The panther symbolises courage, valor and power. If the panther is your power animal, you are blessed with a fierce guardian. This totem animal encourages us to understand the power within the shadows and to acknowledge these powers to help eliminate our fear of the dark and unknown.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered as someone who did a lot of good. That saved and improved many lives.

On new chapters, do you have something to share with us?

Everything calm, I don't make too many plans for the future, I try to flow with the present. But as always, working on new things to add value to women. With my mind set on upcoming retreats in Bali and Spain when the situation allows it, and writing a holistic health ebook that I hope to launch soon.

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