The Interview


Can you introduce yourself in a few words, tell us who you are and what you are doing for a living?

I am a dreamer, positive and perfectionist person. Currently I combine work on my own social networks with social media management for different fashion and lifestyle brands.



How do you approach Instagram?

Is everything authentically you, or do you like to keep your feed curated?

Both, for me are not incompatible terms, I consider that it is all authentic since it is what I like and that is why I like to share, but at the same time I take great care of the image of my account, for me aesthetic is key, where photography is perhaps the protagonist, I take great care of the content that I upload because it is part of my way of being, I could not do it otherwise.


Who is your style icon?

I love the style of Zoe Kravitz or Christine Centenera, two of my references.

How do you turn a instagram account into a thriving business?

Being loyal to your tastes, sharing them and bringing something that makes you different from others.

You have to dedicate time and be very constant.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

Being able to do what I like, not everyone can say that and it's a real pleasure to spend hours and hours working on

something that you enjoy.

What is your first beauty memory?

Make up or do beauty sessions with my mother without a doubt, she teach me to take care of my skin since I was little,

she always bought me good products and encouraged me to maintain a routine and take care of it.


We know that you love travelling, have you ever dreamt of living somewhere else? If so, where?

Yes, I would have loved to live in NY or LONDON, the last one, I adore it with all my might.

How is it already the final month of 2020!?

What has been your greatest learning from this year?

Without a doubt it has been a challenge this 2020, I have learned to value more than ever how lucky I am and

to give thanks for having health and work, to enjoy the day to day and not to plan things too much.

We know now, how things can change from one moment to another and the circumstances you will have to face.

Projects, objectives, new goals for 2021 that you would love to share with us?

A lot of things in my head really, and a great project in mind as a short-term objective related to my work, I hope I can tell you

about it soon when it has materialised, for now I do not even want to write it since I think it can bring bad luck.

Fingers crossed!

What would be your ANIMAL SPIRIT and why?

Dog, no doubt.

I adore their personality, how loving and faithful they are, they represent me as values ​​and we share the same vitality.

If your life was a movie who would you like to play you?

Today I would tell you Anya Joy, who could be said to be almost my twin on a physical level,

so I think seeing her on screen would be the most faithful to my image that I could enjoy.

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