The Interview

Let me introduce you to Ambre Victoire.

Coming from dancing, this French wild beauty found another way of expression since she is travelling,

through Surf and Yoga. 

Just another way of expression which make her vibrate. 

Artist, Surfer and yogi, she is always looking for living what she loves and releasing her emotions. 

Going on an adventure around the world, letting the life surprising her, is her way of experimenting freedom.

Creativity is a big part of her life. Drawing, as much as surfing, is an intuitive experience.

Her pencil has to be smooth and slide on the paper to create a line with curves and flow. 

Self expression has always been a necessity and through surfing, practicing yoga and drawing she could

create a bit of a structure in her unorganised and unpredictable life guided by her impulsive desires

but also deepest dreams. 



You have created this great playlist “TROPICAL EVASION” on Spotify, we love the track TEXAS SUN by Leon Bridges.

Some memories, feelings on this song?

This playlist has been created to follow me on my tropical adventures.

Music is powerful for catching the emotions of a moment. When I listen back to « Texas sun » by Khruangbin, it’s bringing me back to this moment very special for me, in Imsouane when I was falling in love with Alias my boyfriend, we were exchanging songs and playing this one a lot while we were road tripping.

Through my travels I always create a new playlist inspired by my experiences with the people and the environment.

To me, music is vibration and we are like a radio vibrating on the same frequency so it’s influencing our mood and emotions.



Do you have a special connection with the Ocean?

It's like you are dancing with the waves! Where does your mind flow in this moment?

I wish I grew up living by the ocean. It’s been my therapy many times and today it’s my life balance.

Feeling the ocean breeze and having no limit on seeing the horizon on the ocean makes me feel free. This is my happy place, somewhere I can refresh my mind and keep my thoughts clear when I miss guidance in my life. By the ocean, the sun is kissing my skin and makes it shining. The ocean breeze is caressing my hair and makes my head lighter, my thoughts are flowing.

Playing with the waves is like a scene where I can dance and express myself, my femininity and my emotions. The magical thing is that the ocean clear my energy I can be connected to my favourite element, water.

My mind is focus on being on the path of healing first. I wanna nourish my body soul and mind with a lot of love to heal and stay healthy. I’m also wondering and searching for guidance to know where I wanna be based next. It’s been a long time I’m on the road and always moving from places to places. It’s a bit draining. So I would love to find a nice place where I can resonate with the community and the nature.

Were you always into surfing? Or how did it bloom for you?

I’ve been lucky I got introduced to surfing by my Dad, who was shaping on his free time, very perfectionist and transferring the principal of aerodynamic that he was understanding from his  job (aircraft engineer) but very access on performance board. I was a dedicating my time to ballet dancing since a young age. Studying musique and dance in a conservatory I didn’t get the time to surf at during the year but sometimes in summer I was having a little session.

It’s only after my degree of sciences of sport that I’ve decided to move to Basque Country. I was 22 yo and finding my new playground, the ocean. Straight away, I left the idea of doing Master as I was discovering longboard, and it was taking a lot of my time. At this moment, it was still ridding a progressive one but I snapped it very soon in two part in conditions a bit heavy.

This fresh addiction push me to explore other part of the world with a surf culture and slowly I started to be attracted to places surrounded by a long board community which brought me two years later to Byron Bay were ridding a classic log is usual. It looked so much more elegant and fun! It reminded me dancing. Finally 24 yo and having a revelation on my first classic log 9’2 that my journey started.

What is your favourite surf spot in the whole world?

My favourite surf spot… I like a few, and I didn’t explore every longboard spot, so I can’t really tell but I had the best waves

on the East coast in Australia.


Do you have any pre-surf rituals?

To me it’s sacred to take my time and wake up slowly with a routine to energised my body and doing some yoga flow.

Good coffee in the morning is something that keeps me happy.


If you could change 1 thing about woman surfing, what would it be?

As a woman I’ve experimented different type of men’s reactions in the water it depends a lot of the crowd. I enjoy way more surfing with a longboard community it’s more chill and better vibes.

But doesn’t matter which type of reaction you get, the best thing is to be confident with yourself and enjoy. And if the people are angry in the water or with bad vibes I put a shield.


When you say the women surfing I don't know if you mean the image of us in the surfing world. I’m not here to judge others, because a lot of women got caught into this system where showing bottom off is the way to easily get the attention on the crowd. I believe that as women we have other skills to show than just a body. So I won’t change anything, but I can only live and share what stimulates me, and hopefully I can spread a message to women to be confident with themselves and do what they love, find how they want to express them selves and find their way of healing. 

Something that I would like to tell is that I don’t want to be pretending to be someone that I’m not on the social media, why? Because I won’t be able to inspire and spread a real message. Truth and authentic are powerful, it’s how people accept you the way you are. Sometimes I would like to share more about my understanding of life but it’s hard to find a balance and know how much I can share to not feel too exposed also.


You are also an artist, what are your inspirations in your drawing?

I'm drawing lines and curves, I draw intuitively. It’s only when I look back at it that I understand where is coming from my inspiration. Mostly, it’s coming from my human’s experiences, people in my life, Love and sensuality are very dominant in my artwork. Recently I’ve been thinking that I would love to paint mural to have a bigger space to express my lines.

My dreams are very often a source of inspiration, It happens frequently that I dream about erotic moment with a woman, it can be weird sometimes but I laugh at it and express it on papers.


You also are a Yogi; how do you combine these two disciplines in your routine? 

Yoga is healing for me, on every level. It’s the path for acceptance and Union with the divine in myself and the others. I’ve left it on the side the last year but life is teaching me lessons to put me back on the right track.


Do you have any kind of motto or mantra that you live by?

Mantras are powerful. Every day I wish that I find guidance and the answers that I need to keep moving forward and being a better person everyday. I wish healing for the people I care about and me. I’m also putting good magic with the words I used and trying to witness my mind and my behaviour everyday more.


As we are a wild beauty brand made by nature, we would like to know what you say is your spirit animal?

I'm super happy to collaborate with a natural beauty brand, creating products with good intentions and conscious message about our planet. I can’t wait for building more projects together to impact our world, and empower women around us.

I believe that my spirit animal is a Dolphin so we need to respect his freedom and environment. We want to let him explore and play in this beautiful Ocean.

What is your natural beauty superhero favourite ingredient?

I barely use anything. So I guess Sun, healthy food and good fat like avocado, virgin coconut oil, olive oil are good bases. If I do a scrub (it’s maybe a few times in a year) I would use coffee, olive oil or coconut oil, lemon, honey and some drops of essential oil like lavanda or rosemary.

And for the hair a bit of castor oil with rosemary mixed with coconut oil.

We have everything in plants and we have been disconnected from it by our system. I never use chemical products with paraben aluminum or sulfate and I’ve stopped completely using deodorant my boyfriend doesn’t allow me to use any.

What are your projects for the rest of this year?


Projects depend of my health and where I can be with my half Alias in this  hard time… looks like we are living in a war regime. Everything has been really challenging since the beginning of the year. I can’t wait for finding our healing place and raising our vibrations up.

France won’t happened as the government won’t let Alias coming in, the French government is very strict.*

So we want to be in the mountains for a little while time to heal me as I can’t surf anymore because of a bacteria that we didn’t find even after many tests in hospital.

Health is first, so I’m sure projects will come after healing as we are both creative and super enthusiast to spread our messages.

*After some stress and few flights tickets, they manage to come both to France and they are now enjoying the Basque Country.



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