Temperatures have taken a deep dive and New Year is around the corner. Of course, that means we’re now all on the hunt for winter skin tips that’ll safeguard our complexions until we next see the sunshine. Luckily, we’re ahead of the game.

In a bid to stop our faces drying out, lips chapping and erroneous breakouts or red patches taking the lead, we´ll give you the measures we can all start implementing right now.

From what to put on your plate and the supplements worth taking, to the skincare ingredients you need to get on your shelf ASAP, keep scrolling for the key to glowing skin all winter long.


1. Get Your Diet Right

Good skin always starts on the inside, and that’s especially true if you’re prone to flaky dry skin, angry red flare-ups or annoying breakouts through the cold snap. Dehydration and dry skin are common during the winter season, due to the effects of heating and the harsh weather. That means it’s crucial you fuel your body with everything it needs to restore balance.

Drink plenty of water and top up the good fats in your diets such as nuts and seeds. Warming soups and herbal teas can also help you rehydrate. Vitamin D is also one to watch - it’s essential for healthy skin and bones, but we tend to get far less of it during winter thanks to disappearing sunlight. Naturally, adding in a supplement is a good shout if you’re lacking skin-essential nutrients.

Add zinc, selenium and vitamin D to your diet as soon as possible, as they boost immunity. Green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and spinach are nutrient powerhouses, packed full of disease-fighting vitamin C and zinc. Button mushrooms meanwhile, are a particularly great source of vitamin D, and also provide a range of other essential nutrients like selenium, niacin, potassium copper and phosphorus, along with protein, vitamin C and iron. 


Other ways to add this into your diet also include supplements of course. The takeaway? Boost your overall health and immunity, and glowing skin will follow.


2. Power Up Your Skincare

While summer skincare is all about clever, lightweight formulas, a protective winter regime needs a bit more in the tank. Even oilier skins may need a little extra help retaining moisture come to the depths of December, so it’s worth powering up your products with potent ingredients that are fit for the job. Central heating coupled with constant temperature changes from heading in and out of warm spaces can cause havoc with our skin.


To help care for the skin and calm down issues like Rosacea, I’d recommend antioxidant-rich formulas. In addition, opt for a moisturiser with extra hydrating properties and that stimulates the collagen production. Often referred to as the ‘tent pegs’ of our skin, it’s no surprise that higher collagen levels leave us looking more youthful and boosted.


Vitamins A, C and E, and plant extract (from rose to neroli and much more) can all help to power up your daily hydration too. Though when it comes to such potent ingredients, an innovative serum is often the best way to really harness the effects. 


3. Winter-Proof Your Routine

When the elements are against you, it’s time to rethink skincare tactics, and switching up the steps in your routine is the easiest first defence. If you’re not already tag-teaming a serum and moisturiser daily, now’s the time to start doubling up. To understand why adding a serum to your routine is a winter essential, we need to consider the differences between serums and moisturisers.


Serums are usually formulated to penetrate the skin deeply. Unlike serums, moisturisers form a physical barrier on the skin’s surface to keep water in, and have larger molecules. As well as layering the goodness with a replenishing serum and a protective moisturiser to lock it all in, and now isn’t the time to neglect your skin scrub. As we transition into the winter months, it’s important to exfoliate once per week and clear up those dead skin cells for a bright-looking complexion.


Dry winter air leads to dry winter skin, and skin exfoliant is an affordable, yet effective, way to boost circulation and the lymphatic system, whilst detoxifying and removing dead skin cells. Exfoliate in gentle, circular movements.


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Now’s the time to swap in a cleanser that’ll hydrate while it washes away the day.

It's a powerful elixir of healthy fats and antioxidants that makes for a nourishing treat for your skin.

Among its beneficial components are oleic acid, linoleic acid, and fragrant antioxidant terpenes. 

It boosts collagen and clean without aggravating dry or sensitive skin.

There’s no dryness, tightness, and absolutely no messing around with your skin’s barrier. Just an astonishing cleanser, and the healthy, soft skin to prove it.


A botanical toner to keep your skin calm, hydrated and luminous throughout the day. A soothing blend of witch hazel and highly nutritious organic Neroli water to soften wrinkles, stimulate skin cell growth and improve elasticity. The tonic lotion is usually used as a supplement to cleanse the skin and restore the PH of the skin.

Its purpose is to moisturise the skin and give it a boost.


Say hello to your new night serum. This double-chamber face hydrator speeds up cell renewal and plumps up dry, tired and sensitive skin so you’ll wake up fresh-faced every day.


Add this to your winter skin routine for a great dose of vitamin C . 

Rosehip seed oil is coming from the fruit of the wild rose plant, naturally rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that regenerate skin cells and repair damaged tissues.

Rosehip is also rich in trans-retinoic acid that helps prevent premature ageing.

This blend contains the best natural ingredients to get hydration, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants.


The Facial cleanser powder is ideal for gentle exfoliation, to remove impurities, revitalise and soothe your skin. All ingredients are natural and organic for a smooth, silky texture that will provide perfect hydration and return the skin to its natural balance. It's A MUST HAVE !! And the favourite in the Wild Beauties Community.

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