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As we continue to hit the beach all summer season, we've realised: Who better to look to for summer hair and skin-care advice than the die-hard surfers who spend their lives in saltwater and sand searching for that perfect wave?

In the spirit of summer, we tracked down surfer girls to find out how they battle the elements on the regular and still manage to look glowing and fresh.

Vitamin D and vitamin sea—a beach day is good for your body and soul. But it can also wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Sure, soaking up some rays is key for healthy vitamin D production in your body, but too much sun exposure can also lead to dryness, skin damage, and premature ageing. 

No need to skip fun in the sun, though. You just need to know how to replenish your skin and hair afterward. This beauty routine and these products will be your saviours.




A quick tip pre-swim: Apply a few drops of Moonlight hair protect oil on the ends of your hair (the 100ml travel size is perfect for bringing along with you). This helps keep your hair tangle free and gives a little protection from the elements. It's also a great UV protector oil that works wonders.

When you get home from the beach, apply it on all of your hair for a deep conditioning for five to ten minutes before washing.


After slathering on layer upon layer of sunscreen and swimming in salt water, it's definitely time to come clean and wash all the product and elements off your skin and hair. Take a shower and shampoo your locks as soon as you can after a beach day with our nourishing and natural shampoo bar TERRA. In addition to deep repair, restore hydration to your hair in the shower with a few drops of Moonlight oil to the ends, then brush. Directly put a towel to dry. 

Sun and salt can be very dehydrating for your skin, so you need to moisturise immediately after your shower. Smooth on STARDUST BODY OIL just after the shower on damp skin; all the scents will make you feel like you never even left the beach. 

If you're sunburned, soothe your skin with pure aloe vera.


Long walks on the beach are more than relaxing and romantic—they're also exfoliating. The combination of sand and salt water can help smooth out rough spots on your feet. However, it can also make your feet feel super dry. Foot masks are a thing AND might change your life. All you need is banana and some coconut syrup (or honey for non vegan). Mash the banana and add a few drops of coconut syrup. Slather all over your feet and put a pair of old socks on over it (to avoid using plastic wrap). The slight pressure of the socks combined with the heat helps make the mask work even better. Bananas make an excellent skin softener, trust me it works!

Enjoy to do a meditation during 10min then wipe off the mask with warm water. Your sole will be much softer! 


The sea is exfoliating for your face as much as if you submerged yourself underwater. Avoid scrubs or chemical exfoliators if this is the case.

Use a mild face wash like HAWAII soap or BALI soap to wash off all of your sunscreen. Follow with our antioxidant serum  MYRRH to help combat signs of ageing or skin damage. On top of that, apply a soothing moisturiser oil like ROSE -COCO (normal to mixed and sensitive skin), YLANG YANG - JOJOBA (oily skin) or ROSEHIP - NEROLI (dry and/or mature skin).


Lips can easily become sunburned, so hopefully, you applied an SPF lip balm throughout the day. Even if you did, your lips might still feel dry after a day at the beach. Swipe on a thick, rich lip balm WITH PURE MANGO BUTTER for instant relief.


These best practices just might make your beach time feel like a spa day. For good measure, don't forget to drink some extra glasses of water to re-hydrate your body from the inside out. If you get bored of water just put some flavour with lemon, fresh mint, berries, grapefruit...

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