Over the years, we have been slowly destroying our planet and that's why, NOW MORE THAN EVER we must take care of biodiversity, since it's essential for life and the survival of nature.

BIODIVERSITY refers to all the variety of life that can be found on Earth (plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms), each of these species and organisms work together in ecosystems, like an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life. So when environmental change occurs, this balance is in danger and some species disappear forever.


At Wisdom Cares we are very committed to the environment. We are a “cruelty free” and “toxic free” brand since we only work with natural and vegan ingredients to fight for the preservation of the biodiversity of our planet. We take small actions, innovating more and more to help reduce the effects of climate change for a better future. An example of action that we will take to reduce the use of plastic and our environmental footprint is to remove all the stickers from our skincare bottled products before the end of this year, 2021.


Most of the plastic we use in our daily lives is not recycled and part of it ends up in the ocean.

The ocean is VITAL to our survival, we must take care of it. 

The death of the oceans WILL BE DRAMATIC, as they are the life support system of our Planet. We owe the oceans with every single breath we take, as they provide 50% of oxygen. If the oceans die, we all die.

NEVER think you cannot help, it's our responsibility to be aware and act.


Do you want to create a more sustainable future?


That's much more simple that what you're thinking! We can all change habits from our routine such as using organic and vegan skincare, reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, making safe and sustainable food purchases, using LESS plastic products, helping to clean the beaches, not USING products that will damage the land and marine life as toxic shower gel and shampoo. Using ocean-friendly sunscreen to conserve the coral.


For us, every action to avoid more environmental pollution is a victory and a commitment that every brand must make.

Become part of the Wisdom Cares Community, BE PART OF THE CHANGE | PROTECT THE OCEAN AND THE PLANET. We can all help to achieve a more sustainable way of living!


Start by reducing all chemical products and plastic bottles in your bathroom. Make the switch with our 100% natural soaps to take care of your skin in the most sustainable way!

ALL NATURAL | ALL ORGANIC | ALL VEGAN __ from botanical ingredients and essential oils with a holistic healing, feeling creamy and gentle on your skin, and friendly to OUR Planet.


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