The Interview

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Let me introduce you to Danielle Copperman.

Danielle Copperman is a British model, she started as a model at 16 years old. 

Alongside modelling, she works on a variety of projects, all of which combine her ever-evolving

passions and expertise. She is a natural living and life design expert, and trained in diet & nutrition,

holistic massage and Strala yoga.

She is also an amazing entrepreneur, founder of Qnola, a brand of 100% natural, nutritionally

enhanced breakfast goods - free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars.

A writer passionate about wellbeing and natural living, she is also the author of cookbook and lifestyle manual,

Well Being. The most incredible thing is that she has achieved all of this before 25 years old!

She is a real inspiration of woman empowerment.



How would you describe yourself to people who don't know you?

I would say I'm a very chilled person, mainly because everyone who I meet always says I'm insanely chilled and also calming to be around. That's one of the nicest compliments. I avoid conflict or confrontation as much as possible and I feel that I manage to have an open

and accepting mindset, so anyone new I meet generally feels instantly comfortable around me.

I am also very driven, although the two things don't sound like they would go together.

But I am incredibly driven and hard-working, mostly when I'm doing things fuelled by passion -

I'd say I'm sometimes unstoppable and whilst that's a good thing as I get lots done, I do often burn-out quite quickly

and find myself occasionally feeling overwhelmed. Other than that, I'm kind, caring, supportive and loving -

I love to help people in any way I can and that's why I love what I do - teaching and inspiring people to live a fuller life

by becoming more mindful, natural, conscious, present and healthy.



You just moved to France, was it the floral and sweet smell of lavender on the beautiful spring mornings that got you there?

My boyfriend is French and we decided this year to move house, out of London somewhere into the countryside.

It just so happened that with the lockdown, we didn't feel as secure financially to move to a new place, so we relocated temporarily

to his family's summer house in Jura instead, to save some money and also to live the kind of life

we both try to achieve in a big capital city - a simple, slow life. We are surrounded by nature - between lakes, forests and mountains -

and our garden and surrounding areas are flourishing amazingly. There's lavender and rosemary everywhere,

and the most beautiful spring flowers. Everything is so lush and green, and here it is not has hot and sunny as France sometimes seems.

We have all kinds of wild weather, including rain, and it's amazing to see all of this nature come to life in the sunshine after a good rainfall. I'm blessed to be here and we are so grateful to be living the kind of lifestyle that makes us feel our best.

© Hedi Sersou

© Hedi Sersou

You are a model, an author, an activist, founder of breakfast goodies...super woman on the side...

How do you manage all this? What’s your secret?

It's difficult and incredibly draining, and it was more so when I started out in all of these projects. Sometimes I don't know when to say

when and so just keep learning new courses or starting new side hustles although I should probably focus on a few things at once.

I am just so passionate about everything I do and so I want to keep learning and developing my services at all times.

I make it all work by trying to ease the pressure I put on myself. I used to be really hard on myself but I'm finally at a place where I don't compare myself so much to others and just try to stay in my game and go at my own pace. If you want to juggle lots of things,

you can't compare yourself to people who are good at just one of them and feel like you're not as good as them.

If you choose to spread yourself thinly, you need to understand and accept that each project might be slower than usual

or evolve and take shape differently to someone whose sole journey is dedicated to it. I make it work with keeping calm and active.

I workout everyday, I journal, I do yoga and occasionally meditate. I have to really take it easy sometimes.

And I also manage my life with lots of lists, brainstorms, mind maps and constant checking in.

I journal and write lists weekly, sometimes more intensely once or twice a month, where I evaluate everything I'm working on

and where I could possibly slow down or let go of things, and what I need to focus on more, and how.

It makes it easier for me to see it all written down, declutter my mind and to organise like that - to stay on track.


You have a great connection with nature, tell us what would be your spirit animal?

Ooh I don't know, I think it would be a giraffe or a zebra. I was always obsessed with both as a kid, so maybe I have some innate knowing and closeness to them. Giraffes apparently symbolise self-acceptance and self-love which to be honest I'm not so good at,

but I'm working on it. Zebras apparently are all about balance and agility. I like that. That resonates with me.

Another would be a leopard, which I also loved as a child. Interestingly online it says they symbolise moving silently

and inconspicuously can help you deal with parts of life with quiet clarity. I also resonate with that.

© Rita Platts

What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Haha, I did some quite wild things when I was younger, mostly during my teens. More recently,

I travel a lot on my own and a lot of people find that quite wild. I personally LOVE it, however I also have the advantage of having

had to travel alone a lot for work from the age of 16, so I think this has really helped me to become independent and wise of the world.

Recently, it felt pretty wild to just relocate to France - we had been talking about it for a while but the final decision

took place one Friday night and on Sunday my boyfriend left with half of our apartment packed up in the car.

It happened so quickly but it felt insanely right. Another time I felt pretty wild was in Sweden many years ago, when in February 

we jumped completely naked into a frozen lake - it was amazing. Running from the lake to the sauna was a feeling I can't really explain

- so exhilarating and, well, wild. It was such an amazing experience to have with nature, definitely so cleansing and awakening.

Most of my wildest moments, actually maybe all of them, have involved travelling and have taken place abroad.


Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I'm shy, introverted and very low-confidence sometimes. People online often reach out to me to ask how to feel more confident

and tell me I come across very confidently, but like most people, I struggle almost daily with the odd thing. I love people and socialising,

but sometimes I can feel overwhelmed or intimidated. I've worked through this a lot lately though, and finally feel less affected

by what people might think of me. I think I finally don't really care too much, which is so freeing.

Another thing people are always surprised to know is my heritage - both my parents are British but people are always shocked

to find our I don't have a mix. I get asked regularly if I have any Asian ancestry. 


What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

Hmm, I think I have an unfair advantage here too, as I've worked with some of the worlds most amazing and insightful make up artists. Obviously I learnt the basics from my mum and older sisters (got lucky there!). Things like not to irritate any blemishes, to steam your face regularly over a bowl of hot water. My dad always told me not to pluck my eyebrows so I'd thank him for saving them during my teenage years. From professionals, eyebrow gel was a revelation and also highlighter on the cupids bow of your lips -

it makes them look a little fuller and accentuates their shape and definition elegantly. 

© Hedi Sersou

© Hedi Sersou

How did you find your way to a conscious and natural living? 

It all started with food and fitness, when I began modelling full time and left home, I got into food naturally and started working

out with personal trainers. I became obsessed with nutrition and started studying it, then, when I started my food business,

I became so stressed that even a healthy diet wasn't making me feel good. I started learning more about the affects of stress on the body, and the body-mind connection, and started my journey into holistic living through yoga, meditation and other therapies.

I thank a few close friends too who introduced me to new things, and also having worked in the wellness industry, I have had great introductions and access to amazing and inspiring brands. I learn so much from others.


What is your skin care ritual that you will never skip?

Moisturising. I like to keep things as simple as possible, especially with skincare which some people are surprised by.

Especially as a model with good skin people assume you have all the most expensive products and a really long daily routine most people wouldn't have the time for. For me, I cleanse, tone and hydrate, but if I don't have time at all, moisturising would be the one thing I still manage to throw on even if I'm literally running out the door. Oh and also lip balm. I would also say, additionally to moisturiser,

natural oil blends. I LOVE oils for my face and so its either moisturiser or and oil - depending on how my skins feeling and what it needs. Also, diet and water are paramount for good skin - never skip the importance of this - beauty really really really comes from within -

you must be cleansed and function properly from within in order for your skin to be in good condition. Never underestimate that!


We obviously have read your book WELL BEING, it's really inspirational, what was your motivation to work on this project?

The book was a whole process. I was asked to write it 3 years before I actually did, because I was too busy with modelling

and my business. Im so grateful for that time though, as it would have been some kind of really restrictive food and fitness book if I had done it when I was first approached. The book instead developed over time, as I was learning so much about myself, about the world,

and about the body and the mind. It was about 5 years of my life that went into that book - all the best moments, the best teachings,

the best things I'd tried and benefited from etc. It was a collection of trial and error and experimenting with all kinds of diets, workouts, mindfulness methods. I think because I started so young, I really had time to learn so much in life and in my wellness journey

that I am just so pleased and excited to share. Most of the things in the book are easy and really accessible -

you can do them with all natural ingredients, and most of the rituals you can do from home without any professional equipment or teachers. It is intended to be inspiring to make healthier and more wholesome decisions and habits easily, without being intimidated by following health trends that are inaccessible, unaffordable or unsustainable for many of us.

About your model career, what's the most challenging shoot that you've ever had? 

I've been lucky not to have had too much trouble in my career at all. I have worked with some slightly difficult people but only

VERY occasionally. And I have had fitness shoots that have been challenging physically I suppose.

But I can't remember a time I've felt really uncomfortable or challenged. 

If you have the power to create one skincare product, what would it be?

Probably a product that could do it all. Something you can use for your body and face, maybe hair and nails too,

and also edible so you could add it to smoothies or other food. I would say probably something oil-based,

100% natural and food grade too. That would be great. Or a powdered face mask product to cleanse,

which was also food grade and made from pure, natural powders so you could, again, supplement with it or add to smoothies or something.


What is the mantra you live by?

I have many. Do what you can with what you've got. Everything happens for a reason. Work less, buy less, live more.

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. Sometimes, doing less is more productive. 




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