Your Cleansing Oil FAQS


So, why I made an Oil Cleanser

Back in 2008, as a euphoric young beauty addict, I discovered cleansing oils. I found tremendous joy in using them at the end of each day to remove everything on my FACE. YES, trust me, Oil cleansers work.

Back then oil cleansing was a bit of a beauty secret, performed mainly by skin care enthusiasts, or Japanese women who’d been quietly oil cleansing since the ‘60s. But cleansing oils are now widely available, and as we’ve evolved into intense 12-step skin care/makeup routines, never have they been more essential.

It sounds counter-intuitive, cleansing with oil. 

But oil cleansers don’t make your skin oily, nor do they clog pores. What they do is attract oil, and in doing so, dissolve all your make up, SPF, dirt and excess sebum, leaving you with lovely clean skin, minus the over drying and tightness (often the cause of excess oil production.) 

Oil cleansers penetrate pores to remove grime and bacteria (a big cause of congestion), and they replenish the skin with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Oil cleansers maintain healthy oil levels, and keep the skin hydrated and balanced. They are as essential for a 20 year-old doing full makeup/contouring/smoky eyes, as they are a 65-year old wearing nothing more than Vitamin C, sunscreen, and BB cream, and a 35 year-old with sensitive skin, breakouts, and dry patches. 



Since we announced the launch of our new product, Botanical Cleansing Oil, we’ve been asked loads of questions. 

What does it smell like? How is it so poetic? Can it help me dating? (A fancy sweet nutty smell! to look amazingly pretty on your bathroom! Yes!) (Wait. this one is tricky!)

And we’ve also been asked some real ones. So! Wisdom Cares founder and Beauty lover Chloé has answered all of them for you. 


Should I use an oil cleanser in the morning, night or both?

We definitely recommend oil cleansing at night, (to remove all your SPF and makeup) but some people start the day with an oil cleanse to remove the sebum that accumulates over night, and make the skin plump for makeup application.

What’s the difference between an Oil Cleanser and a Water based Cleaner?

A Water based Cleaner is a common cleanser, and an Oil Cleanser is a nourishing cleanser and makeup remover in one.

Both are very gentle and very effective but an Oil Cleanser is designed to dissolve heavy makeup (even on the eyes!) and SPF (even zinc), while a Water based Cleaner excels at everyday morning and night cleansing. To be clear: A Water based Cleaner is a very effective cleanser, but a lot of our customers either - wear makeup, - wear  SPF (well done!) or - have dryer, mature skin that needs a bit more nourishment, which is why we developed Botanical Cleansing Oil.

Can I use Botanical Cleansing Oil with oily skin?

You can! And we believe you should. Oil cleansers can be wonderfully balancing on oily skin: they take away dirty oils, and replenish the good oils. Remember: if you’re giving your skin too little oil (oily skins tend to avoid products with oil) your skin will usually start overproducing sebum to compensate, so you actually get oilier skin, plus congestion/clogged pores. Better to keep oil levels in check, than strip your skin of oil together.

Do I need to double cleanse?

It’s up to you, your skin, your day, your needs. (As a zinc-wearing, makeup wearing person with a dry skin type, who is about to soon turn 40, I do.) 

Botanical Cleansing Oil and HAWAII cleansing soap are both perfectly fine used solo, but if you’re wearing makeup or SPF, or if you have a drier skin, then you might find your skin will benefit from a pre-cleanse with oil. To double cleanse, massage Botanical Cleansing Oil all over your dry face (no water on hands or face!) for 30 to 60 seconds, then remove oil thoroughly from face with a warm-hot cloth or directly with a wet warm-hot cotton. Follow on with Hawaii cleansing soap. Your skin will be wildly soft, clean, bouncy and nourished, which is the perfect prep for your nightly skin care routine, and will make a big difference to your skin overall.

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